Four Troubleshooting Ideas to Get Your Roller Doors Rolling Again

Roller door not working? If your door is refusing to go up and down like usual, it typically relates to one of four issues. Wondering what may be the matter with your door? Take a look at these five common concerns and tips on dealing with them:

1. Power

Obviously, your automatic door works with electricity, and if it doesn't have power, it won't roll up and down. To make sure your roller door is getting the power it needs, check your breaker switches, and make sure the motor to the door is plugged in.

If those elements appear to be correct, check the batteries on your controller. If they are dead replace them.

2. Communication

If your roller doors' automatic system has power, it may be lacking in the communication department. Try the switch that is hardwired to the door. If that works but your handheld controller doesn't, you may have communication issues between the controller and the system.

Check your sensor—it looks like a tiny red eye on the box with the door's motor. It needs to be clean and clear so it can read signals from your handheld opener. If that is clean, reboot your remote control and reprogram it (following the manufacturer's instructions) so it can clearly communicate with the door.

3. Mechanics

If communication or power aren't the problem with the roller door, it may be the mechanics of the door. Look at the chain. If it is hanging loosely, it may not be taut enough to pull open the door, and you may need a roller door professional to change it.

Also look at your springs and make sure they appear to be even on both sides. If one side is tighter or looser than the other, the door won't open evenly and will get caught in the tracks.

4. Motion

If the mechanics appear to be in place, ready to pull the roller door up and down, your issue may be the tracks or the rollers on the door. The tracks and the rollers are the two elements that ensure ease of movement for the door.

Look at the tracks and hold a level to them. If they are bent or unlevel, they will not let your door move easily up and down. Similarly, if the rollers have come loose or broke, they will not move up and down in the tracks. You can buy both rollers and tracks from many hardware stores and do the replacement yourself, or you can have a professional (such as Shutter-Fix) look at it.