Questions to Ask a Concrete Pumping Service Before You Hire Them

Concrete pumping is often done for jobs that are too big for manual pumping of concrete; you might be able to manually shovel concrete out of a wheelbarrow for a short walkway outside your home, but this can be too much work for a larger area such as a patio, long driveway, or other such project. Having a concrete pumping service can ensure the job gets done right and gets done quickly and easily; however, you want to ensure you've covered all the details of concrete pumping services before you hire any company. Note a few questions to ask any such service so you know what's involved and haven't overlooked anything.

1. Ask if they provide the actual concrete

Some pumping services are just that—pumping services only. They may expect you to provide the concrete and they only provide the pump for it. However, other services offer both concrete and pumping and will mix the concrete and have it ready to be poured. They may also mark off the area to be pumped and do all the leveling. Don't assume as to what services are offered by any concrete pumping service but always ask so you know what to expect and what you might need to provide.

2. Ask if there is a size limit for a window or opening

If you need the concrete pumped through a small window or opening, such as for a silo or other outbuilding without a large door, always ask about the size of the opening needed. Some can pump the concrete through a window only a few inches or centimeters across and some need a much larger opening, depending on the size of the line. As with materials, don't assume anything about what they can manage but ask about this if you have only a narrow opening.

3. Ask about the pump rate

The amount of concrete that can be pumped will depend on the strength of the pump, the size of the line, and if there are any aggregates added to the concrete. You need to know the pump rate so you can determine how long the job might last, given the space to be covered in concrete. You might assume they can pump your new patio or slab for a garage in one day, but if the pump rate is much slower than you assumed, this can mean having to plan several days for the project to be completed.