A Quick Buying Guide to Split System Air Conditioners

A split system air conditioner is also often called a ductless system because it's not connected to the ductwork of your home. This system has a vent that goes directly out an exterior wall through a small opening, and the front panel is installed in a wall or ceiling of a particular room. It is more powerful than a window air conditioner but not as powerful as central or ducted air. If you're thinking of a split system air conditioner for your home, note a few quick terms and features to consider so you know you get the right type of unit.

1. Zones

While a split system is not connected to the ducts of the home, you can choose one that cools multiple zones. This would be a system that has more than one front panel, which you would install in different areas of the home. Having multiple zones gives you more control over the cooling of the home, as you can switch off those different zones and just cool one area so you don't waste energy, or keep more than one area cooler without having to install window units in every room.

2. Low ambient operation

Typically you would want to run a split system air conditioner in the summertime only, but if you need the system for a computer room, cool room and other such air that needs to stay extra cool year-round, you need a system with low ambient operation. This will allow the system to continue running even if it senses the outside temperature as being very low, and which will allow you to set it to a much lower temperature than would be normal for standard household use. Be sure you look for the term "low ambient operation" for these types of units.

3. Line sets

Line sets are sets of tubing that you need to purchase for your split system. This tubing connects the outside unit to the inside panel. Your contractor can tell you how much tubing is needed depending on the location of the interior panel, which is why it's good to have a professional install the unit. Even though it won't be connected to the home's ductwork, it can still be complicated to install the split system with the right amount of tubing, to ensure the outside vent and outside unit are connected properly and to ensure the inside panel is installed securely in the wall or ceiling with the right support.

For more information about the process, contact a company that specializes in split system air conditioning installation.