Delay Residential Air Conditioning Repairs

In a large number of cases, residential air conditioners break down when put to strenuous use on a daily basis. Accumulation of heat (heat build-up) inside the house is often responsible for the heavy strain placed on residential air conditioning units and for the subsequent breaking down of these units.

In order to delay the need for repairs on residential air conditioners, homeowners need to find practical ways of preventing heat-build up around the house. Here are two ways through which a homeowner can deal with the problem of heat build-up to delay the need for AC repairs.

Installation Of Solar Films And Screens On The Windows

Solar films can be compared to the tint film commonly used on automobiles. Solar films are transparent and they're made with a thin metal coating. They help to regulate the amount of heat that penetrates through a residential window pane. The film intercepts and reflects much of the heat away from the window pane and away from the interior of the house.

A solar screen is a mesh-like structure. When installed on residential windows, these screens function much like their film counterparts. The only difference is that solar films will not function when residential windows are open.

Reducing the amount of heat that gets into the house through the windows reduces the amount of strain on an air conditioning unit working to maintain optimum conditions of temperature and humidity within the house.

Plant More Leafy Trees

Direct heat from the sun is often the main reason for the accumulation of heat within residential buildings. Installing solar films and/or screens may help to regulate entry of such heat through the windows. However, the roof is also often responsible for the transmission of excess heat into inner parts of the house.

Increasing the number of leafy trees around a residential building can help to prevent heat-build up in a homeowner's living quarters. Leafy trees will naturally intercept heat and light from the sun, thereby reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the roof and the amount of heat that finally gets transmitted into the house.

Considering that a large number of tree species may take a few years to mature, planting of leafy trees around the house should be considered a long-term solution to the problem of heat build-up around the home.

In conclusion, it is important to point out that there's no way to full-proof way to prevent the need for residential air conditioning repairs. When the time comes, don't hesitate to call in the AC repairs specialist.