Is That Plumbing Problem an Emergency?

Not all plumbing problems in the home constitute an emergency; if a toilet occasionally runs, you might be wasting water, but this doesn't usually mean your home is in danger of being damaged. However, some plumbing problems are emergencies and should be addressed by a plumber as soon as possible, so they don't get worse and so that they don't cause extensive damage. Note when a plumbing problem should be addressed by an emergency plumber as soon as possible.

1. Sewage, sludge, or garbage coming back up from a drain

If your home's bathtub is clogged, you might be able to forego using it if you have a second shower in the home, and get a plumber to the home as soon as you can to address the clog. However, if there is sewage, sludge, or garbage coming up from the bathtub drain, the drain connected to the garbage disposal, or any other drain in the home, you want to call for emergency plumbing services. This usually means that a pipe outside the home has suffered a crack or other break so that dirt and sludge are getting inside; these substances can come back up through the drain and also block sewage from being flushed away properly. This type of damage usually just gets worse with time, and having sludge and sewage in your tub can be very unhealthy.

2. Water leaks in the ceiling

If there is a water leak in the ceiling, you don't want to simply put a bucket under it or add some patching compound to the leak and then ignore it. When plumbing pipes are leaking, this water can mean allowing mold and mildew to grow on the building materials and this is a very costly fix. In addition, this leaking area is not as strong as the rest of the plumbing and may actually cause the pipe or the connectors to burst when you run the water or flush the toilet. To avoid this costlier cleanup, have any type of water leak checked by an emergency plumber rather than waiting.

3. When your home or basement gets flooded

It's not enough to simply turn off the water valves in an area of flooding and assume you can clean up a mess yourself; when your home or basement gets flooded, this water can make its way behind the home's walls and affect the electrical wiring, creating a dangerous situation. You may also assume you can find the cause of the flood but may be missing more than one burst pipe or leaking connector. Call an emergency plumber in this situation to ensure that you get the flooding stopped as soon as possible and aren't creating a danger in your home.