Aspects to Consider When Incorporating a Mezzanine to Your Storage Space

If your business is expanding at a rate faster than you had fathomed and need to make additional storage arrangements for your products, you should consider incorporating a mezzanine to your storage space. These structures provide you with more floor space without you having to consider other more expensive options such as outsourcing additional storage space or relocating from your business premises. However, choosing a mezzanine for your particular space is not simply about selecting the first design that you come across. Here are some of the aspects you should consider when incorporating a mezzanine to your storage space.

Choose a mezzanine with a handrail

If you premises has high ceilings, chances are you would want to make the most of your vertical space using raised storage. As such, your mezzanine would be quite high. It is therefore prudent to ensure that it comes with a handrail to protect employees from falling over and risking serious injuries on themselves. The handrail should not only run the length diagonal length of the stairs used to access the mezzanine though. The should also be installed on the mezzanine's entire perimeter. This works toward ensuring the safety of employees who have to access this storage space on a regular basis. It also protects your business from unnecessary workers' compensation claims.

Install a safety gate

Another safety measure you should consider when getting a mezzanine is a safety gate at the top of the mezzanine. There are a variety of options that you could choose from ranging from pivot gates, sliding gates and even swinging gates. Your choice of safety gate would ultimately depend on the convenience of use as well as your overall budget or customizing your mezzanine to suit your needs. Keeping the safety gate closed at all times can work toward preventing employees from accidentally falling down the stairs while they are at the mezzanine.

Consider if the mezzanine will obstruct movement in the storage space

Before you choose to install a mezzanine, you need to factor in whether its presence is going to obstruct access in your storage space. As much as the mezzanine functions to increase the amount of space you have available, improper placement may make your storage space harder to maneuver. This is why it is prudent to consult with your provider about the dimensions of your storage space. Not only would the provider know what type of mezzanine would be best structured for your space, but they will also customize it to ensure it complies with your needs.