Dos and Don'ts of DIY Timber Pallet Decking

You may have heard of using timber pallets to create everything from headboards to wall planters. These projects may have fueled your desire to take on bigger projects that would show your true DIY skills. One of the larger projects out there is the option of using timber pallets to create your outdoor decks and patios. Before taking on this type of timber decking project, there are a few dos and don'ts you should take into consideration.

Don't Assume the Wood is Weatherproofed

One of the mistakes that people make during timber decking projects, especially when they are using timber pallets, is in weatherproofing. Don't assume the wood has been weatherproofed or sealed in anyway. Take the time to weatherproof the timber and that you keep track of when you did the weatherproofing. Remember, a rule of thumb is that weatherproofing should be done to a deck once a year

Don't Assume all the Wood is Useable

One of the key things to remember when you use timber pallets for your timber decking project is the useability of the wood. Though some pallets may be new, or appear to be new, there could be some that have been salvaged. This means they may have some boards that are from older pallets. Make sure you check each timber plank for signs of water damage, rot, mould, or other issues before using it as your decking.

Do Prepare the Timber Properly

In addition to weatherproofing the timber from the pallets, you will also want to make sure you take other steps to prepare it for your deck. Make sure that you sand down all of the pieces you will be using. Even if it looks like there are no jagged edges or pieces, there may be some minor edges that need smoothing off. Also look for nails, staples, and other hardware that may have been overlooked during the dismantling process. If you can't remove a nail, consider sanding it or grinding it down so it is level and flush with the timber.

Do Know What Type of Timber it Is

Make sure you know what type of timber is used in the pallets that are creating your decking timber. This is to ensure that you are treating and maintaining the timber properly based on the type rather than as just generic timber. Remember, some stains as well as weather treatments are created for certain types of timber so knowing what you are dealing with and how it will react to the weather around you and chemicals you will be using is vital to maintaining the integrity of the finished deck. 

These are just four of the key points you need to have in mind if you plan on using timber pallets for your timber decking project. If you think you are ready to start the project, consider contacting a timber pallet supply company directly for new pallets that you can use.