How to Fix Scratches and Dents in Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are durable and long lasting, but unfortunately, if you drop something heavy on them, they may crack or break. Have unsightly cracks, dents or other damage in your tiles? You can repair it yourself. Here are some tips to help with various types of damage:

Shallow scratches

If you have a scratch in your ceramic tile, you can fix it with a bit of nail polish. Look for a polish that is as close as possible to the shade of your tile. If you cannot find an exact match, buy white and black polish, and mix those shades with coloured nail polish to lighten or darken it as needed.

Paint a small patch of nail polish on the centre of a tile to see if it matches. Remove the sample with nail polish remover. When you have the right shade, paint it over your crack. Let it dry and repeat as needed until the crack is full. Use a bit of cotton moistened with nail polish remover to remove excess polish.


Larger dents can be repaired almost as easily as shallow scratches. To repair a dent, start by cleaning it. This removes debris and oils to ensure the other materials you use stick to the tile. Dry the area thoroughly, and use a hair dryer to ensure it is dry. The part of the tile around the dent is not sealed, and as a result, it naturally absorbs water. You cannot get rid of all that water with a towel, but you can with a hair dryer.

Fill the dent with epoxy until it is level with the rest of the tile. Let the epoxy dry, and then paint over it. You can use nail polish if you like, or buy paint designed for use with ceramics at a hobby or craft store. To seal the repair, cover it with a few coats of water-based sealant.

Big dents and cracks

You can repair super big dents and cracks using the steps outlined above, but these repairs are likely to be noticeable. If you want your tiles to all blend together, you may want to replace tiles that are significantly damaged. To remove a broken tile, use a tile cutter to cut between the tile and the grout. Then, tap the tile with a hammer until it shatters. Use a putty knife to scrape off all the tile fragments and the adhesive under the tile.

Put down a new layer of adhesive, and place a new ceramic tile gently on top of it. Press down on the tile until it feels secure. Let the adhesive dry, and add a bead of grout around the tile.