The Benefits of a Steel Frame for Your New Build Home

Having the ability to design and construct a house from scratch is a huge privilege, but with every luxury, there is responsibility. You have many decisions to make, from the plot of land you choose to the materials used for construction. In the construction process, there is very little that will be more important than the actual frame of your home. There are a few options to choose from, but steel is a material that you should consider carefully. Here's why constructing a building frame with steel makes total sense.

Environmentally friendly. In the 21st century, climate change is one of the greatest threats to the planet, and many people are choosing green building materials for their new build construction projects. The good news is that steel is one of the greenest building materials out there. Structural steel is totally recyclable, so it's important that you inform your new home builders that the steel you use for your house frame should be made from recycled materials.

A durable material. When you choose steel, you are choosing a material that is going to stand the test of time – way beyond your own lifetime. Even in the most extreme weather conditions, and Australia is no stranger to extreme weather, a steel frame can stand up to the elements and ensure that your home stays rooted on the ground without any damage. It won't shrink, it won't rot, and it won't warp; it will simply do its job of holding up your home in a robust way.

Bug resistant. If you opt for a timber frame, you always run the risk of attracting bugs to your house. Termites, in particular, love to gnaw away at timber. This isn't only an annoyance but it can actually compromise the very foundations of your home. Steel is something that termites are not attracted to and cannot eat, so with steel, you can feel more confident that the structure will remain robust and uncompromised.

Greater design flexibility. When you have the opportunity to design your own home, you'll want to realise your wildest design dreams. For many people this means large open spaces. Steel is a light and yet sturdy material, and this means that you can create a more open frame with it, which will support a large house with an open plan feel, something that you absolutely wouldn't be able to achieve with a timber frame.