Avoid These DIY Glass Repair Mistakes

Glass repair mistakes on your glass windows, bathroom shower screens or vehicle's windshield can lead to more costly interventions. You don't want to end up replacing your entire window because of a simple glass repair mistake that you could have avoided. Therefore, if your glass windows or other glass fixtures in your home require some repairs, avoid the following mistakes when performing these repairs on your own.

Ignoring the Air Bubbles

When repairing cracks in your glass windows or car's windshield, you will want to use a specialised type of resin to fill in the cracked area of the glass. When doing this, always ensure that there are no air bubbles that may interfere with the result of your repair job. Air bubbles can affect the adherence of the resin to the glass. The more the air bubbles, the worse your repairs will be.

Delaying the Repairs

This is one of the major mistakes you are likely to make when your glass fixtures require repairs. You need to be keen on any repair issues such as small cracks, and act fast to have them repaired. Waiting for too long will only give room for the damage to develop into something serious that will result in you spending much more on the repairs or replacing the entire glass fixture.

Aligning Your Tools Improperly

Even if you are using the right tools, aligning them incorrectly will lead to a low quality final product. Therefore, be very keen when using tools such as suction cup. This is a tool that allows you to hold other tools in place, making it much easier for you to apply your resin onto the damaged place. For effective results, it's very important that you align this suction cup directly above the crack or chipped spot. This position will allow the resin to be distributed evenly on the damaged area, enhancing consistency.

When planning to do glass repairs on your own, remember to pay careful attention to the DIY kit that you are using. Cheaper kits may lack some detailed information that you can find in higher priced kits. Also, check with your insurance to find out about the existing policies related to DIY repairs. Some insurance companies may be reluctant to take care of certain DIY repair approaches and if you make mistakes like those above, you may end up with an even worse glass with no warranty. It's therefore important to be aware of the kind of tampering that your insurance won't cover.