Three Suitable Material Options for Bi-Fold Door Frames

There are numerous benefits attached to installing glass bi-fold doors in your home's interior during construction and renovation. The design is fabricated to fold up the panels into a compact bundle when the entrance is opened. Therefore, this configuration will minimise the space used, particularly when compared to traditional swing doors. Bi-fold doors are also ideal if you want larger entrances to accommodate freer movement in the building. When buying this type of door, it is critical to choose the right frame. This will determine the strength of the door and subsequently, its durability. Here is a description of the primary materials to consider selecting frames for your new glass interior bi-fold doors.


If you are looking for an economical bi-fold door for your home, you should consider choosing uPVC frames. Basically, this material is made from polymers which are widely available and cheap to purchase and manufacture. uPVC is a variant of the normal PVC plastic used commonly for building pipes, bottles and other numerous items. However, this is un-plasticised, and this means that the frames will be rigid and resilient. They can support the weight of the bi-fold glass panels and will withstand stress. In addition, the material provides insulation against varying environmental temperature, so the frames will mitigate potential heat loss and gain.


Timber frames are suitable for both modern homes and more traditional properties. In simple terms, the material has great aesthetic appeal that can complement any building. Also, the surface can be painted, stained or polished to alter the appearance to the desired shade. Wood is a strong choice, and it is ideal if you are thinking about using heavy-duty security glass. On the other hand, timber bi-fold doors are expensive, though the price might vary depending on the quality of the wood. In addition, plain wood is susceptible to moisture damage, so exposure to humidity can be damaging. Therefore, you should choose doors with treated and sealed frames. You can also choose engineered wood framing since it is not as susceptible.


Aluminium is a popular material choice for bi-fold door framing. The contemporary appearance of the plain metal makes this an ideal option for modern homes. Moreover, you can purchase a powder-coated alternative if you want a more interesting look. This material is lightweight and stable, and it is not affected negatively by heat or humidity. However, low-quality aluminium frames can be distorted by mechanical impact, so you should choose thick frames for a more resilient doorway.