Top 3 Construction Materials for New Eco Homes

Building a new home is one of the most rewarding projects you can ever undertake. One of the design options you should consider for your new home is the eco home design, which is essentially meant to make sure your home is constructed in an environmentally friendly manner.

When constructing an eco home, materials selection is very important. Here is a look at a few eco-friendly construction materials you can choose for your new home.


Wood is one of the oldest and most commonly used construction material available on the market. It has numerous applications in the home construction industry ranging from roofing, to flooring, to framing for movable parts such as doors and windows. But what stands out the most about wood products is they are sustainable, reclaimable and recyclable, and all these attributes make wood an ecofriendly choice of building material for any new home.

Home construction wood can be responsibly sourced from managed forest plantations to ensure that wood resources are utilised in a sustainable way. And, for instance, when you want to replace your solid wood flooring, you can use salvaged wood planks to make alternative items such as garden furniture.

Mud bricks

When many people are digging a foundation for their new homes, they often consider the soil that has been dug out to be useless. By mixing the soil with water, putting the mud in moulds and allowing the mud to dry well, you can make as many mud bricks as you need free of charge.

Mud bricks are a more environmentally friendly alternative to concrete bricks, which usually require a mix of cement and gravel to create. Toxic gas release associated with the manufacture of cement used to make concrete bricks is avoided by opting for mud bricks, which don't require any factory-related production.


Glass is in many ways good for the eco-friendliness of your new home. The main eco advantage of glass material is that it is made from sand, which is abundantly available in supply. Aside from that, glass is highly energy efficient because of its poor thermal conductivity, and this feature makes glass less culpable for heat loss or heat gain into your home.

While there are lots of other eco-friendly construction materials that you can use to build your new home, you can never go wrong by including the ones discussed above in your list of construction materials.