What to Look For in New Mine Site Accommodations

Mine site accommodations can be a necessary choice for mine owners, as there is often a shortage of lodging and housing near a mine site. Having onsite accommodations also means less risk of miners not being able to arrive on time or at all, simply because of a lack of adequate transportation. When you are ready to provide new mine site accommodations for any mine you own, note a few things to look for so you know you get the right accommodations for your site and your business.

1. Energy efficiency

You'll need to be paying for the energy needed to sustain the accommodations once they're in place at your mine, so note the energy efficiency of your choice. This might include insulated panels for the walls, double-glazed windows, and even a metal roof that provides more insulation than standard shingles. LED bulbs also typically use less energy than standard incandescent, and features like low-flow toilets and showerheads can mean less water usage. All of these energy efficient options can mean cost savings that add up over the course of months, and for some businesses, over the course of the years it takes to work that mine.

2. Sustainable building materials

It can be good to opt for sustainable building materials that are more environmentally friendly when choosing accommodations. This can mean recycled wood for the frame, or wood taken from sustainable forests. These are forests grown and maintained specifically for the construction industry. Insulation made from paper fibers rather than fiberglass is also easier to recycle and less harmful to the environment when it needs to be replaced. Choosing sustainable building materials means less harm to the environment for construction of the accommodations and for when you need to remove the housing, if it will eventually be torn down.

3. Resale value

If you only need the mining site accommodations for working one mine in particular and don't plan on simply having them torn down once the mine is worked, you'll want to note the resale value of the accommodations. It's good to opt for those that may have a wide variety of uses so that you can find more buyers when you're ready to sell the accommodations. Look for those that are easy to separate into smaller modules so they can each be resold to businesses that need temporary office or storage space, or which can be fabricated into granny flats. This can improve your chances of being able to resell the pieces.

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