Timber fencing | Expert tips in setting up a long lasting fence

So you've settled on timber fencing as the barrier between you and the outside world. What next? How do you install it in a way that keeps it lasting for ages? You see, the thing about timber fences is that if you do a poor job at it, the end result won't stick around long enough. You're also looking for an effective way of doing the job so as to save yourself as much time and money as possible. Here are some fencing tips.

Stick to quality timber

Not all timber is created equal. With wood, you face a risk of expansion and contraction due to the elements or even rot. That's why you need to get the best timber supplies. Go for the best wood species such as white oak and red cedar. They are naturally resistant to the elements and don't warp or shrink.

You could also go for pressure treated woods if you're looking for a cheaper option. These woods don't derive their durability from Mother Nature but the treatment.

Install the fence posts correctly

The fence posts need careful consideration. Since they'll be getting below the ground, you need to ensure they don't rot underneath. Start by soaking the lower half of the posts in a wood preservative, preferably a preservative that contains copper naphthenate. This further protects your posts from insects and rot. You can also set up a concrete foundation for your posts before setting the posts in. And remember, slope the concrete away from the post to prevent water from building up and penetrating underneath it.

Also go for posts with a pointed or rounded top. A flat top wears a lot faster when the rain beats down on it and has an increased probability of seeping water into the post.

Keep the panels off the ground

When installing the rest of the timber panels, you may want to keep them off the ground. This is to prevent the wood from rotting due to the ground conditions. If you don't want to leave the gap at the bottom due to fear of rodents coming in, then install gravel boards along the bottom of the fence.

Uphold the law

Also remember to be in line with the law, and you can head over to your local authorities. Some states may need you to have a permit whenever you wish to install a fence next to a highway. Talk to a professional to get the best timber supplies.