Why You Should Add a Gable-Roofed Patio to Your Home

If summertime is approaching fast and you want to spend that time relaxing with your family outdoors (away from the hot interiors of your house), a gable patio is certainly a welcome addition to your home. Gable roofs are a popular choice when it comes to patio building, and there are lots of good reasons behind this trend.

Here are a number of essential benefits you can expect to enjoy by adding a gable-roofed patio to your home.

Large roof space

The 'peaked' or triangular shape of gable roofs allow for maximum head room, which makes it possible for you to enjoy more breeze into your patio space. Since the expansive design of a gable roof will allow for an abundance of cool air to flow into your patio area, you might not need supplemental cooling service from an AC unit. Consequently, you will end up saving big on energy bills.

In addition, gable roofs will allow more natural light to enter your patio space so that you can make the most out of summer's free, bright sunshine.

Quick weather flow

If weather elements such as rainwater, snow and ice remain on the surface of your patio roof for a long time, they may cause costly damage. If you live in an area that experiences a tropical climate, ponding water can also serve as a breeding ground for harmful insects like mosquitoes, which cause malaria.

Unlike is the case with flat or angled roofs, the sloping nature of gabled-roof patios allows for quick run-off of weather elements that would otherwise lead to water stagnation on roof surfaces. As a result, your patio will be exposed to less risk water damage and more importantly, your patio roof won't harbour any harmful insects or pests.

Great aesthetic appeal

When you are thinking about building a patio, you will definitely want something that can to add to the curb appeal of your home. A gable roof has an incredibly nice-looking profile, which never goes out of style and can seamlessly complement the beauty of an existing structure that it is attached to.

Because of its nice look, you can be sure that your new gable-roofed patio will keep looking stylish for several years to come. And, in case you decide to sell your home, a gable patio is a feature that will increase the market value of the property greatly.  

Now that you are better informed about the benefits of gabled-roof patios, you can confidently get in touch with a local patio builder to start working on your project.