3 Essential Advantages of Using Skip Bins over Skip Bags

Proper waste management is vital for the good health and well-being of people living in any home. Poor management of waste can lead to many problems such as foul-smelling surroundings, pest and rodent infestations, as well as spread of disease.

One way to ensure waste is managed properly is by disposing of it the right way. Some of the most common places where waste is kept in homes are in a skip bag and a skip bin. But skip bins are much more efficient for waste disposal than skip bags.

Here are some of the advantages of using a skip bin over a skip bag:

Easier to load 

Skip bins are usually made of strong plastics or metal materials. This particular aspect makes them easy to load waste since the walls of the skip bins will never fall or move. Moreover, many skip bins have wheelbarrow access where you can easily transfer waste from a barrow into the bin.

On the other hand, putting waste into a skip bag may prove to be harder because its walls are pliable, and you may need an extra pair of hands to hold the bag open. Plus, you cannot use a wheelbarrow to directly put waste into a skip bag.

All types of waste disposed

Due to its simple advantage of sturdiness, you may not have to worry about the type of materials that go into your skip bin. A skip bin will handle almost anything. You can fill it up with waste of soil, concrete, metal, roofing tiles, asphalt, just to name a few. However, it is important to note that each skip bin has a recommended maximum weight limit that depends on its size and material density.

Skip bags, on the other hand, are restricted to softer and less rock-solid waste because they are made of polypropylene materials or woven fabrics. They may easily tear open if you load them with heavy materials.

Larger sizes

Skip bags are usually available in small sizes, which have a limited weight capacity. Therefore, if you are thinking of disposing of a huge amount of waste, it is best to consider using skip bins because they come in sizes that are much larger than the maximum sizes of most standard skip bags.

Considering the benefits disclosed above, it is best that you hire a skip bin service for your waste management needs even if skip bins are much costlier to purchase than skip bags..