Climbing Plants: The Easiest Way to Beautify a Carport

Would you say that most carport designs go for functionality over style? There's nothing wrong with this, since a carport is there to serve a purpose—to protect your vehicle. It's not really there for decorative purposes. If you have the budget, you can opt for a carport that blends seamlessly into the design of your home, or one that is beautifully ornate. If you are being mindful of your budget, then it's important to know how to make your new carport beautiful without spending too much cash. Fortunately, this is not so difficult to achieve with the help of a few climbing plants.

Frame Selection

It's all about covering the side of your new carport with beautiful leaves and flowers. You simply need to select the most appropriate climbing plant, and to install a frame that allows it to climb. The installation of the frame simply requires chicken wire or a wooden trellis to be attached to the side of the carport. It's often easier to have this taken care of by the carport builder. It might be considered to be an optional extra, but it's hardly going to be an expensive one.

Plant Selection

Once the climbing frame has been installed, you just need to choose a plant.

  • Wisteria is a hardy plant with rich foliage and vibrantly-coloured flowers. It grows quickly, but almost a little too quickly. You need to give it an annual pruning to prevent it from covering the entire carport (unless of course this is something you want). Remember that if the carport is connected to your house, the wisteria can quickly find its way into gutters and eaves.
  • Bengal clock vines (also known as a blue trumpet vine) are wonderful in colder climates. The plant produces an abundance of beautiful blue flowers. It will quickly grow up the side of your carport, but is not well-suited for warmer parts of Australia. The plant can simply grow too quickly in the heat. A colder climate retards its growth, making it perfectly manageable.
  • Chinese Star Jasmine grows well in all climates, and is perfect if you like the idea of having a "green wall" for your carport. The foliage is extremely dense.
  • Bougainvilleas are an excellent choice if the soil next to the carport gives you any problems. These tough plants can grow extremely well when left in a pot and positioned next to the climbing frame. There are also a wide range of colours when it comes to the flowers.

Once the climbing frame has been installed, the sky (or the top of the carport) is the limit. There are many beautiful climbing plants to choose from, and even the most basic of carports will quickly be transformed.