How to Keep Your Office Warm

If you struggle to keep your office warm, it can be hard to focus, let alone handle typing on a keyboard with icy fingers. Here are some different ways to warm up yourself and the office so all your workers find relief in the winter.

Wear Heated Clothing

To keep yourself warm when the office is just a bit too cold, consider wearing heated clothing. This is a good option if your heater is currently being repaired or if you tend to get colder than others. Most of your workers might want it to be a little colder for their own comfort, but then this requires you to be extremely cold and unable to work properly. Heated clothing includes a heated wrap or scarf, as well as heated socks. Clothing that keeps your core warm, such as a sweater, is also a good idea.

Drink Hot Coffee and Tea

Another tip for keeping just yourself warm when others are fine with the office temperature is to drink hot coffee or tea. This not only warms up your throat and body when you drink it, but it can also help to warm up your hands. Hold your hands around the mug when it gets too cold to type so your fingers become flexible enough to get some work done. Keeping a steaming mug on your desk can also cause you to feel a little warmer just being in front of it.

Keep the Blinds Open During the Day

If you want to save energy by not using your office heater too much, you can get a good amount of heat in the office simple by opening up the window treatments. If you have shades, shutters, or blinds, it should be relatively easy to control exactly how much light you get in the office. When it is warm and sunny out, make sure those blinds are open to let in more warmth. You might need to move around some of your office furniture to make sure the glare doesn't hurt anyone's eyes when they're trying to work at their computers.

Install a Commercial Heating System

Finally, it is highly recommended that you have a commercial heating system in your office. Even if you live in a relatively mild climate, there will be days or even weeks when the cold office is hard to handle. You can get a forced air heating system that also includes air conditioning, or save some money with a smaller furnace heater for the office space.