3 common mistakes to avoid when picking a tarpaulin

Nothing beats a good outdoor experience on a warm sunny day. That's probably why you find yourself yearning for a camp to some sandy beach or African savanna every once in a while. Well, before exploring the outdoors, you are going to need a good poly tarp for your covering needs. However, people usually make a couple of mistakes when choosing tarpaulins. If you're going to buy a tarpaulin for the first time, then here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Ignoring the tarps features

What people are immediately attracted to is the look of the tarp. With the numerous designs and colours of tarps out there, ignoring the features of the tarp can be quite easy. So, before you start checking whether a poly tarp has got the designs of your liking, first assess whether it has UV treatment or silver lining. Remember, you will probably be using it in the outdoors, so protecting yourself from the sun's glare should be a priority. Additionally, some people also forget how spontaneous the weather can be so they fail to look for lamination to guard against sudden rainfall.

Picking price over quality

It's okay to save a few bucks sometimes. For the sake of your camping, however, don't do it at the expense of a quality tarp. If a tarpaulin is too cheap to be true, then that's exactly what it is. Stay away from it. In case you are running on a tight budget, just go for a middle priced poly tarp that has solar blocking capabilities, can withstand a little wind, and can shield you from rain. When buying your poly tarp, keep in mind that cheap is ultimately expensive, and you will make the right choice.

Choosing the wrong size

Just imagine getting to your campsite and realizing that your tarpaulin can't even properly shelter you. It wouldn't be a fun experience then. Many people make this mistake because they forget to check the size of their poly tarps until they are just about to use them. The best way to avoid such an occurrence is by asking the seller to open it for you so that you can be sure of the size. Don't just rely on the packaging estimation and assume it'll be the right size. A six-by-five-metre indication may not be large enough for you. Have a look first. 

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