3 "Easy as Pie" Home Projects From One Sheet of Plyboard

Plyboard or plywood is very affordable and readily available from just about any home improvement store; the material is made from several layers or plies of wood that are glued together, the grain of each ply being rotated to give the sheet added strength. Since it's so affordable and easily holds a paint or stain color, you might consider using it for home projects instead of sheets of solid, more expensive wood. Note a few very easy home projects you can try with just one sheet of plyboard.

Dressing area

Cut a piece of plyboard in half, vertically, and set aside one of those halves. Take the other piece and cut it in half, vertically, again. Now cut those two halves horizontally to form shelving pieces. Attach those shelves to the front of the other piece of plyboard, keeping them off to one side. You can line them up against the edge or stagger them just slightly. Next, attach a mirror next to the shelves. You can then hang this piece on your wall or even inside your closet; use the shelves for your jewelry box, makeup storage, and the like, and you have a compact dressing area. If you use a full size sheet of plyboard, you can add hooks to the top and hang coats and scarves, and use a full-length mirror. You can then use it by the front door or put it in a guest room for their convenience.

Quick and simple barn door

You can create a quick and simple door for a hallway, alcove, and the like, with a full size sheet of plyboard and barn door hardware. This hardware includes a track that you put above the doorway or entryway and wheels that you attach to the top of the plyboard; the wheels then sit in the track to easily move the door back and forth, rather than having it swing in and out. Add crown molding to the front of the plyboard for visual interest, and a door handle so you can move it easily. You now have a door without having to get a new frame for the entryway, ensure an actual door is hung level and even, install the hinges properly, and the like.

Built-in desk

Rather than spend the money on a new desk, you can get a simple piece of plyboard and cut it to the size needed. Use strong shelving brackets to mount the piece right to the wall. With a coat of paint and varnish, you have a perfect desk surface, and you can use the leftover pieces to create shelves, pencil boxes, and whatever else you need for a new workstation.

Contact plyboard distributors for more information or advice about this versatile material.