Quick Ideas for Using Decorative Concrete Around Your Home and Property

Concrete is a very good material to use for a variety of home projects, as it's often much more affordable than natural stone and certain types of tile. The material is made from gravel, sand, and cement, all of which are typically very plentiful and easy to harvest without damaging the environment. This is why many homeowners are using concrete contractors for more than their driveway and walkway; note some ideas for decorative concrete that you might want to consider for your home and property to make it as attractive as possible without overspending on your budget.


Creating kerbing around landscaping features can make it stand out from your lawn and also help to anchor certain spots, so your home has a finished, decorated look. However, not only is it expensive to use natural stone but it can also be difficult to put slate or brick around your landscaping if flowerbeds curve or are otherwise oddly shaped. A concrete contractor can usually create kerbing in any shape and style so that it fits your landscaping and is installed quickly and easily.

Tree anchor

If you have a landscaping tree on your property, meaning one that is a bit smaller than a large oak or maple tree, you might want to create a tree anchor or tree surround. A tree anchor is like what you would see in a public park; a layer of concrete surrounds the base of the tree to protect it from damage and allow it to grow. This can save your investment of your landscaping tree and also add some visual appeal.


If you spend far too much money on refinishing floors in the home's entryway or mudroom, you might discuss having a concrete floor installed at least in those areas. The concrete can be painted or stained to look like a number of materials, or stamped to look like stone. The durability of concrete can mean less expense in constantly renewing the floors that get damaged from shoes, schoolbooks dropped by the door, and the like.


If you love the look of a fountain on your property but find that a stand-alone model keeps tipping over because of harsh weather or critters crawling on it, have a concrete contractor create a fountain. This can be done with stacks of kerbing that are built around the water works or by creating a plain column with an opening inside for the fountain. This gives you the look of an attractive fountain but one that won't easily tip, chip, discolor, or otherwise get damaged.