Questions to Ask Your Builder

Before starting any interior or exterior building project you need to have a plan in place to help things run as smoothly as possible, and reduce any unnecessary stress. Hiring commercial building contractors will be one of the biggest commitments you will make during the entire process, and should be approached with caution to ensure you are hiring not only a professional and competent company, but also one which has your best interests in mind. Here are 5 things to consider before hiring your builder to help you to make an informed decision and hire someone suitable for your needs.

1. License Please

This may seem obvious but it's surprising how many contractors work 'cash in hand' without the proper licensing. To ensure that your builder meets the required standard and is fully insured ask whether they have the Building Work Contractors License. Someone that fails to produce the required paperwork or avoids the question should be avoided, as you cannot guarantee that they have the necessary qualifications to safely and effectively construct your project.

2. Finished Projects

See whether you can visit some of your builder's finished projects. Try to look at both old and new builds to see how they have stood up to the elements and whether they are strong and robust. Look at joins and finishes and keep an eye out for damp or any areas that have failed to keep out rain. This is often a common problem with outdoor building work.

3. Other Projects

Ask your builder whether they will be working on any other project s concurrently. If so they may not be able to commit to your required timeframe or may wish to use sub contractors, which may not meet your exacting standards. If this happens ensure that you discuss it thoroughly first and make sure you are comfortable with anyone else being employed.

4. Reputation

Look online for reviews and talk to any friends or family who have used them before, also talk directly to the builder to see if they are a member of any professional organisations. The Master Builders Association states that membership with them 'demonstrates...high standards of integrity, skill and responsibility.' 

5. Time Is Money

Ask your builder for a potential timeframe. Whilst they cannot guarantee that they will be able to complete the project on time it would be good to know how their other projects may affect the completion of your own. Hiring someone local may help to speed things up by reducing their traveling time, but will also allow you to quickly and efficiently discuss any important matters that crop up face to face.