Why Timber Wall Frames Would Be Ideal For Your Construction

If you are planning on constructing a home, one of the main decisions you will have to make is what material would be the most ideal option for you. Considering that there are an array of materials to choose from ranging from bricks to concrete, you will find that the process of making a selection can be overwhelming. To make it easier for you, you need to know what the pros of the different materials are so that you can make an informed decision. Here are some of the reasons why timber wall frames would be an ideal choice for your construction.

Timber wall frames afford you versatility in design

One of the biggest advantages of opting for timber wall frames is that they are flexible enough to create a myriad of designs. This is ideal for homeowners who would like to incorporate unique curvatures to their wall frames. Another way that timber wall frames give you flexibility in design is that they do not have to be covered up. If you would like to create a unique appearance in the interior of your home, the timber wall frames can be left exposed, adding a rustic appeal to your structure. 

Timber wall frames can come prefabricated

If you would like to cut on your labour costs, you can opt for prefabricated timber wall frames. These are manufactured and assembled away from the construction site. Once they are complete, they are delivered onto your site ready to be put up. This is a great way of cutting on your construction costs, as your contractors will not have to build the timber wall frames from raw materials.

Timber wall frames are fast to erect

Another benefit of timber wall frames is that they take a short time to put up. With other materials, such as concrete of brickwork, the contractors have to give the construction time to set. This is because these building materials require wet plaster and mortar to hold them together. Timber frames, on the other hand, just need the beams to be connected. As such, the construction process can go on uninterrupted until it is complete. Additionally, the timber frames can be put up no matter the prevailing weather. This is unlike brick and concrete, which cannot be worked on during wet conditions. As such, if you are constructing during the wet season, your structure may take a significant amount of time to be completed.