How to Load a Skip Bin the Right Way

Skip bins are essential for day-to-day disposal of household trash and the occasional cleaning or renovation project. After hiring the right skip bin for your needs, it is essential to know how to use it correctly for maximum efficiency. The way you load your skip bin can determine how much you pay for your skip hire services. Of course, you want to minimize costs as much as possible during the period you will be using the skip bin. Read on for tips on how to load your bin for maximum efficiency and how to avoid unnecessary costs.

How can you load a bin incorrectly?

You may wonder what entails a wrongly loaded skip bin and what are the consequences. Loading a skip bin the wrong way can be by:

•    Overfilling: Most authorities have health and safety legislation in place that restricts the transportation of waste containers that are filled beyond their capacity. Your skip bin hire company can be charged for transporting overfilled bins; that's why they won't let you overfill it.

•    Underfilling: If you don't place waste materials in the bin correctly, you will leave valuable space which could be used for more waste. You may end up ordering for more skip bins or having more trash pickups than required. You will end up paying more for skip hire services.

How to load a skip bin correctly

Here are some tips on how to fill a skip bin for maximum efficiency.

•    Load only to the top line

Load your skip bin only to the top line; otherwise, you may be charged more for excess trash. If you feel that your skip bin is not large enough for your needs, you can hire an extra one to ensure you don't have leftover waste.

•    Pack the bin properly

Pack and compress waste materials in such a way that there are no spaces left inside the container. You can start by putting in heavy and/or flat objects at the bottom, then lighter items and those that take irregular shapes at the top.

•    Break down waste materials

If there are waste materials that can be reduced to smaller sizes, do so to create extra space. For example, if you are disposing of furniture, you can disassemble it. Also, you can compress certain wastes to reduce the amount of space they occupy in the bin.

Finally, place your skip bin within your property and away from the road to prevent strangers and passersby from dumping waste into it.

Being aware of how to properly load your skip bin can help you save money on waste disposal. Make sure you hire the right skip bin for your needs so you can eliminate the hassles of waste disposal.