What Is Engineered Timber Flooring and Reasons to Consider It

Selecting flooring for your home is one of the most important decisions you will make for your residence. Opting for flooring that is not suitable to your lifestyle can prove to be quite costly at the end of the road, as you would have to resort to replacing your flooring when it becomes worse for wear. As such, it is not advisable to simply choose flooring based on the prestige associated with it. Instead, you need to assess how much traffic it will be exposed to and if it will be easy to maintain. Although natural wood flooring is a popular option for some homeowners, it is not necessarily the most suitable for high traffic residences. This is why you should consider engineered timber flooring.

What is engineered timber flooring?

Engineered timber flooring refers to flooring made up of several layers of plywood and other materials. These multiple layers are what give it its strength. Typically, the inner layers will be made from fibre board materials that have been combined with melamine resin. The top layer is then finished to mimic other types of natural wood flooring.

Why should you consider engineered timber flooring over natural wood floors?

Engineered timber flooring is economical: When compared to natural wood flooring, engineered timber is more reasonably priced. In addition to this, you can get engineered timber flooring in varying layers. This means you can be assured of finding something that will fit within your budget as the less reinforced, the flooring is, the cheaper it will be.

Engineered timber flooring is durable: Another main advantage of opting for engineered timber flooring is that it is long lasting. Some homeowners tend to be under the false assumption that since this type of flooring is more affordable, it must be less structurally sound that hardwood flooring. The truth, however, is that this type of flooring is cheaper since it is more economical to manufacture. Therefore, its structural integrity is not compromised. If anything, it more durable than other forms of natural wood flooring as it is highly resistant to variations in both moisture as well as temperature. This resistance keeps your engineered flooring from warping or cracking prematurely, unlike natural wood flooring that would require extensive maintenance measures to prevent this.

Engineered timber flooring is easy to install: If you are looking to use your new flooring as soon as possible, then engineered timber flooring would be an ideal choice. This type of flooring can be directly installed over your current flooring. This is unlike some natural wood floors that would require prepping of the floor substrate before installation can begin.