The illuminating benefits of using skylights in classrooms and commercial buildings

When you first think of skylights, your first thoughts might go to fancy villas or shopping malls; however, as it so happens, implementing a skylight into classrooms can actually increase the performance and productivity of school students. Moreover, the adoption of skylights in commercial buildings has been proven to significantly save energy costs over time. As such, it is little wonder that skylight window manufacturers have had more demand than ever over the past few decades.

The secret benefits of using skylights in classrooms

As previously mentioned, the performance and productivity of school students increased when compared to the use of a skylight. For scientific study purposes, one of the noted benefits of using school classes as study groups is that they are practically the same each year; hence, a significant rise — especially when the same teacher was used — helps to build a solid case, and the fact that the use of skylights was a significant factor in the overall increase of test results is an important finding. But it wasn't just test scores that improved when a skylight was implemented; in fact, other studies have shown that the use of skylights can have a remarkably positive physiological and psychological effect on people who frequent buildings that make good use of a skylight.

The secret benefits of using skylights in commercial buildings

The effects on inhabitants and visitors that frequent commercial buildings that have skylights is similar to that of students — especially when it pertains to productivity — but there is one notable addition: energy saving. When it comes to matters of cutting costs, the United States Department of Energy concluded that many of the commercial buildings they analysed could reduce their total energy costs by as much as 33% by optimally making intelligent use of skylights. Considering the amount of money that commercial buildings often spend on energy bills, this figure is really quite astonishing. Because of this, most so-called big-box stores and commercial warehouses that have been built during the past few years have extensively used skylights to cut down on their total energy expenditures.


Skylights are more than just an aesthetic feature that can warm up a room on an overcast day. While they can really tie a room together, the scientific studies conducted for both the education, retail, and industrial sectors have confirmed that skylights are an excellent way to maximise productivity and increase customer and employee well-being.