How Businesses Can Cut Down Electricity Bills

Most businesses operating in Australia rely on electricity supplied by electric utility companies to perform their daily operations. The biggest challenge that these businesses face, however, is that they have absolutely no say in the cost of electricity and usually have to pay whatever rates the electricity provider charges. For that reason, it makes good sense to be electricity-savvy.

If you are interested in keeping your commercial electricity bills down, here are a couple of effective tips you can follow in order to save on electricity.

Electrical equipment

There are several types of electrical equipment that are normally used in the workplace, including air conditioners, computers, photocopiers, electric kettles, etc. No matter the type of electrical equipment you have in your commercial premises, it is important to make sure they do not waste precious energy. Workers should be instructed to disconnect any equipment from the power outlet if it's not in use, as they might continue to consume electricity even in the dormant state. 

In the same vein, you should replace any equipment that uses up too much electricity with a more energy-efficient model. The initial cost of making the upgrade might be high, but the money you will save in the long run in terms of reduced electricity bills will be worth the trouble.


Good lighting is critical in the workplace environment. Besides making your commercial space look better, it also has an impact on worker health and productivity. Proper lighting means employees won't have to strain their eyes to get the job done so they can perform their work more diligently. What's more, workplace accidents tend to decline when the lighting is good. 

Ensuring there is good lighting at the workplace does not necessarily mean leaving artificial lighting on 24/7. Make good use of natural lighting by opening your windows during the daytime, and let the light shine in every corner of the room. When it starts getting dark outside and you need to turn the lights on, make sure you are using high-quality, low-wattage bulbs such as LED bulbs and not energy-consuming bulbs like the old-fashioned incandescent bulbs.

Consider inviting a commercial electrical contractor over to your workplace to perform an electrical audit of the building. The audit will involve stock-taking the most critical components of your electrical system so as to find out the best way to reduce your electricity consumption, and thus reduce your electricity bills! Contact a company like Aardvark Electrics to learn more.