Is Your Retail Store As Efficiently Designed As It Could Be?

When running a retail store, there are many things you need to keep ahead of at all times. From your budget to your inventory to employees, it can be hard to really analyse where you are as a company at any given stage. Sometimes all you need to do is take a step back for a moment and look at your store objectively. Are you as efficiently designed as you could be? After all, the layout of your store can drastically impact how many sales you make and what those sales are. Here are a few elements of shopfitting you should consider to elevate your business.

Glass Displays

Glass displays are an easy way to not only class up your products but also to elevate and draw attention to them. Glass adds a certain quality that draws the eye while also keeping your products free from any dust that you store accumulates over time. This makes cleaning easy and also makes the items behind the glass display more attractive to any passerby. For the more luxurious products, get a glass display and put it in a very central position.

Slat Panelling

Slat panelling is a crucial part of any shopfitting service, as it reduces your storage needs by quite a lot. Now, instead of big, bulky shelves, you can simply install shelves right onto the wall of your shop. This gives you the opportunity to have wider walkways in your shop so that your customers feel less cramped and more free-going. It is amazing how much this little change can affect the mindset of those who walk in and browse your products. These slat panels will also allow you to customise the height and width of the shelves so that you can have different spaces for different items.


Shopfitting is all about making your retail space more enticing for customers. Lighting can be a big part of that, for better and worse. If you are using the stock-standard lighting most stores do, then your products are not being shown off in the most positive environment. Instead, you will want lighting that is a little bit softer and less industrial. Make your customers feel more at home and safe by changing your lighting so that it is still clear but has a lot more personality and warmth rather than the clinical precision of most places. 

For more information, contact a shopfitting service.