What You Need To Decide On When Building A Tennis Court

Tennis is one of the most popular sports across Australia, and it has been for many decades now, with millions tuning in each year to see the Australian Open. This popularity has inspired many Australians to build their own tennis courts in their backyards, as there are lots of wide-open properties with plenty of space to spare. If you're considering starting a tennis court construction on your property, then there are a few things you need to decide on before construction gets underway. Here are three important features you need to make choices on before your tennis court construction begins.

Artificial Grass Or Hard Court

Unless you intend to spend tens of thousands of dollars cultivating a proper grass tennis court each year, most people choose between hard courts and artificial grass courts. Hard courts come in many different shapes and sizes, with different materials and options for customization. Artificial grass, on the other hand, simulates a more old-school playstyle and is a lot more comfortable to run around on, particularly for older players. Both offer their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is usually just a matter of personal preference. Although, if you are hoping to train a child or yourself into becoming competitive, then you should go with the most common surface for competitive tennis, which is the hard court variant.

Full Or Half Court

If you don't have that much room or do not have the inclination to build a whole tennis court, then you can go with a smaller variety that still simulates the game well enough. Most of these smaller tennis court constructions are actually multi-sport areas built for tennis, basketball and other sports, like netball or soccer. If that sounds more like something that would get a lot of use in your family, then maybe you should consider going for the smaller option and making it more accessible to your family's needs and wants.

The Right Spot

Before the tennis court construction can begin, you need to actually make the area it is going on perfect for its construction. Look for a space on your property that is not at the bottom of a hill and has a relatively good, flat surface. Try to build it away from trees or other structures and definitely away from any bodies of water. Talk with a tennis court construction expert before you settle on a final position, as they will have more insight into your particular situation.