How Much Money Should You Anticipate Concrete Polishing to Cost You?

Concrete polishing has steadily become a leading floor finishing technique for Aussie homeowners, and this is not shocking when you consider the multitude of benefits it offers. Foremost, this finishing technique smoothens the surface of concrete floors, automatically making them much easier to maintain. Secondly, concrete polishing makes this flooring material impervious, which not only prolongs the lifespan of the concrete but also makes it allergen-proof because dust, pet dander, and other particles do not get trapped on its surface. 

However, despite the array of benefits this finishing technique provides, some people do not consider it as an option for their homes under the presumption it will be too costly for their budget. But this does not have to be the case since concrete polishing is not charged at a fixed price. Instead, here are a few of the aspects to be cognizant of when estimating the cost of concrete polishing.

What is the state of your current flooring?

The first aspect your contractors will take into consideration when determining the cost of concrete polishing would be the state of the flooring in your home. If you have recently concluded new home construction, the concrete floors in your residence will be brand new and, as such, will not have acquired cosmetic or structural flaws that would require repairing before polishing is underway. As a result, the cost of concrete polishing should be moderately priced.

On the other hand, if the floors in your residence are several years old and have been exposed to heavy foot traffic, they likely will have chips and cracks that require filling and sealing before concrete polishing Is underway. The more work required to restore the integrity of the flooring, the more money you should anticipate to pay for concrete polishing.

What is the square footage of the concrete flooring?

The second aspect your contactors will take into account when establishing the cost of concrete polishing is the square footage that needs to be covered. Admittedly, the more expansive your floors are, the costlier concrete polishing services would be. Nonetheless, you should know there are exceptions to this rule. In some scenarios, you may want concrete polishing carried out in a tiny room.

Before the work can be underway, the contractors will determine if they will be able to easily access this area with their polishing equipment. If the area is too cramped, it may warrant having to carry out the work manually, and this will increase the cost of concrete polishing. Keeping that in mind, it is advisable to discuss these factors with your contractors beforehand so you can manage your expectations.